Excess oil

Excess oil production can happen when there is over functioning of sebaceous glands producing too much sebum, a waxy oily substance that in moderation is vital to a healthy skin but too much can lead to clogged enlarged pores, and development of conditions such as acne and uneven skin texture. To find out more about skin care regimens to control sebum production and avoid excessive oily skin, please contact us at One Clinic MD and our staff will be delighted to assist you further

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Upper Midface Dermal Filler
Dermal Fillers

Upper-Mid Face Enhancement

The Upper-Mid portion of the face, often referred to as anchors of the face by us at One Clinic MD, is the most important part of the facial structure with respect to support, foundation and contour.

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Lower Face Dermal Filler
Dermal Fillers

Lower-Face Enhancement

The lower portion of the face, including chin, jaw and lips is the integrity of a person’s face. Injectable fillers are a great alternative to surgical interventions and implants to treat a weak or recessed jaw and chin.

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