Rosacea is a common chronic condition that can present with a variety of skin manifestations including central face redness, popular or pustular lesions or flushing. It is most frequently observed in individuals with lighter skin tone. Adults over the age of 30 are the primary group affected by this condition. It also affects more women than men. Management of rosacea is done after a thorough patient assessment and evaluation, and it’s classification. To find out more about treatment options, please contact us at One Clinic MD, our staff will be delighted to assist you further.

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Lower Face Dermal Filler
Dermal Fillers

Lower-Face Enhancement

The lower portion of the face, including chin, jaw and lips is the integrity of a person’s face. Injectable fillers are a great alternative to surgical interventions and implants to treat a weak or recessed jaw and chin.

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Non-Surgical Facelift
Dermal Fillers

Non-Surgical Facelift

With advances in aesthetic medicine in the last decade, the need for surgical procedures has become less necessary and common. Most patients are now able to achieve a lifted effect through a no-scalpel approach.

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